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When visiting, our priority is to protect, respect and recognise the importance of your privacy.

In this policy document, we will explain the manner and the reasons why we collect personal details from the visitors to our site. It also explains how we use the information, the situations under which the information may be revealed to others and how we ensure its protection.

This Privacy Policy is amended every so often, so please ensure that you check it out every now and then to make sure that you’re happy with any of the edits we have made. This policy is binding to anyone who uses our website.

Any queries about our Privacy Policy should be sent to


Cultivate is an initiative of a group of Credit Unions that provides short to medium term loan opportunities for their farming members


We use specific actions on our website to collect personal data. We collect data when you get in touch with us about our services by using our contact forms, or when you visit our site through the use of browser cookies. Read more on our cookies policy.

Each of the participating Credit Union will have information on how they collect your personal data. In order for you to understand what they do with your personal data, and how to exercise your rights in respect of their processing of your personal data, you should review their privacy policy which is available on their websites.


The personal data we collect relate to the service you require for example: your name, postal address, email, IP address, the pages you interacted with on our website and when that interaction took place.


We may use your data in the following ways:

  • To let you know about any modification to our services or new products
  • To get in contact with you about information you requested and products and services that you may be interested in
  • To allow us get in touch when you fill in one of our contact forms

Your personal information will be retained in our system for as long as we need it, or as long as you have specified in a contractual agreement.


You can rest assured that under no circumstances will we sell or rent your information out to any third parties, and we won’t give any third party access to your details for marketing purposes.


We need you to opt-in or give prior consent before we can contact you via post, email, phone or text for marketing and promotional purposes. You can change your preferences at anytime by opting out or by emailing us on:


You have the right to access your details along with other rights specified under the General Data Protection (GDPR). Please see our Privacy Notice by clicking here.


Once you have given us personal details, we go to great lengths to ensure it is protected. While we do everything we can to guarantee the safety of your personal information, you also have to remember that details such as your email address are being sent over the Internet, and as such we cannot 100% guarantee the security of these; you send information to us over the Internet at your own risk.

Once we get hold of your information, however, we do everything we can to secure it on our systems through the use of secure servers and security certificates (SSL).


As with most websites, makes use of cookies. These are minuscule parts of information that are stored on your computer’s hard drive by companies that enables them to identify you when you visit the site.

These cookies don’t collect any individual identification data, but rather just statistical insights about the sites you visit and what your online behaviour and patterns are. This actually assists us to improve our user experience and personalise your online interactions. You are able to turn off cookies using your browser settings.


Our website is likely to contain links to external websites that belong to other companies. This document only serves as a privacy policy for this website, and as such it’s imperative that you read the privacy documents supplied by the other websites that you visit – even if it’s through a link on our website.

Additionally, if you have accessed our website via an external link on another site, then we cannot guarantee that they have the same privacy policy as us; make sure you read their privacy documents to ensure that their practices are in line with your expectations.


The personal information of minors under the age of 16 is particularly vulnerable, and we try our utmost to ensure that it is well protected. If you are 16 years or younger, please gain permission from a parent or guardian to distribute your personal information to us.


By offering your personal information to us, you are acknowledging that they could be transferred to locations outside of Ireland. This could happen if a server is located in a country outside of Ireland. We cannot guarantee that these locations have the same protection laws as we do when it comes to personal data.

By giving us your information, you are agreeing to these terms. However, if we are aware of your data being transferred out of the country, we will make sure the right protection processes are in place to ensure your personal information remains as secure as possible, in line with what we have stated above. If you engage with our website while outside the country, then our data may be transferred internationally in order to provide you with the correct services.


We consistently update and review our Privacy Policy, and this was last reviewed and updated in April 2018.



How We Use Social Media at
Firstly, thank you for joining the official pages Cultivate.
Social media is a new form of communication and we will be constantly reviewing how we use it to provide the best service for users.
We trust that your experience with Cultivate  will be a positive experience. To safeguard your experience, we have put together a few rules for our social media page.
We created our Social Media profiles to provide you with updates on special promotions, behind the scenes news times from our common bond areas, our involvement with the local communities and events.

Be Responsible
Our social media profiles are a fun and interactive way to communicate with our members. Members are always welcome to post on our profiles and interact with each other. However, we ask that you respect our online community and participating individuals, including our company and our members.
Remember that all your posts are public. We have a few rules, but not too many.
Contributions must:
• Be accurate (where they state facts);
• Be genuinely held (where they state opinions); and
• Comply with applicable law in any country from which they are posted
Consider your audience and exercise good judgement

Please do not:
• Post anything that can be interpreted as insulting, profane or offensive.
• Post solicitations for products or services. If you would like us to post about your fundraising activities, please direct message us.
• Post anything that violates any laws or government regulations.
• We have a duty of care to protect our employees, therefore comments identifying a staff member may be removed and addressed offline.
• Post any material you don’t own or have the right to post such as material containing third party trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets or that violates nondisclosure agreements.
• Post your own or other people’s private and confidential information.
• Please do not violate the rights of our company or any third party, including the rights of privacy and publicity.
• Please do not impersonate any person.
• Please do not misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity.

Respecting our values We will not be responsible, or liable to any third party, for the content or accuracy of any materials posted by any user. We have the right to remove any material or posting if, in our opinion, such material does not comply with this policy or is contrary to our company values.
Our social media platforms are active for engagement with an agent Monday to Friday 09:30- 16:30.

Treating each other with dignity and respect is part of our mission, and we believe you would like to be treated the same way. Our ethos is to put our members first and we trust you will respect our values by adhering to our rules. If there are any questions, comments or concerns, you can contact us by e-mail